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First Night Morris County has venues around downtown Morristown, mostly focused around the Green and the Morristown High School.

We thank all the Morristown churches, businesses, and high school for their continued support of First Night Morris County.

For a Full Venue Map & Shuttle Bus Routes Click Here

Venues 1 thru 6: Morristown High School

Venues one thru six are all located at the Morristown High School.

Venue 1: High School Auditorium
Venue 2: High School Main Gym
Venue 3: High School Auxiliary Gym
Venue 4: High School Cafeteria Upper Level
Venue 5: High School Cafeteria Lower Level
Venue 6: High School Atrium (upstairs)

Venue 7: St. Peter's Episcopal Church

Venue 8: St. Peter's Parish House

Venue 9: Presbyterian Parish House, Sheffield Hall

Venues 10-12: Mayo Performing Arts Center

Venues 10-12 are at the Mayo Performing Arts Center

Venue 10: Mayo Performing Arts Center, 2nd Floor
Venue 11: Mayo Performing Arts Center, Starlight Galley
Venue 12: Mayo Performing Arts Center, Main Theatre

Venue 13: Church of the Redeemer

Venue 14: Church of the Redeemer Parish House

Venue 15 and 16: Masonic Lodge

Venue 17: Morristown United Methodist Church

Venue 18: Market Street Mission

Venue 19: First Baptist Church

Venues 20-22: County Admin Building

Venues 23 and 24: Hyatt Regency Morristown